About us

Soul Expression is a project by Chemnitz dancers and committed friends. It is our contribution to strengthening the dance scene and promoting understanding between different cultures and nationalities. This project is supported by the TANZ | MODERNE | TANZ e.V. from Chemnitz. The large hall of the Kraftwerk e. V. offers us good organizational and spatial conditions for holding events and was already the venue from 2002 to 2015. It has also become the training spot for several generations of dancers.

Soul Expression im Kraftwerk Chemnitz (Foto: Roger Vogel)

Our philosophy

Soul Expression is a non-commercial event by dancers for dancers. All groups come to the event free of charge. Fun, dance competition, mutual exchange and fair cooperation are the main motivation. There is no prize money to be won at Soul Expression and we do not charge any entry fees. The jury for each battle is made up of three recognized, experienced dancers from the scene.

At Soul Expression, we have a principle of equal treatment. At many other events, good groups receive money and less good groups do not. Soul Expression deliberately refrains from making this distinction. We also give up-and-coming groups a platform, because everyone starts small. As always, our motto is: The fight has begun - the fun has won!

For all those who dance with love! Peace, your Soul Expression Team