Battle system

Battle System

TL;DR Knockout system with three fixed judges. Crew battles only.

For the preliminary round (= preselection), random pairings will be drawn from all participating crews. Each crew has the opportunity to battle and present themselves. The jury will draw up a ranking list after the battles. The rankings of all jury members added together result in the best 8 or 16 crews.

The competition continues in a classic knockout system, whereby the ranking list created is decisive for the composition of the battles. In the first round, 1st place goes up against 8th place, 2nd place against 7th place, etc.

The aim is for the best crews to end up in the final and not have to compete against each other in a previous round.

Duration of a battle: 6 min, in the semi-final and final 8 min each (subject to spontaneous changes)